Calle bok

I’m a filmmaker from Sweden living in Malmö. My production company have offices in central Malmö.

Since I graduated film School in 2008 I’ve written and directed a number of award winning short films. Most of them are of different genres and have been screened at film festivals and tv-stations around Europe. My first feature, released in 2015, is the documentary ”Berättelser från Malmö” (”Sounds of Exile”). A couple of my short films are among the most popular short films in scandinavia online, in their genre.

Since 2011 I am also running the production company Feedback Film. Now together with Marcus Ljunggren, Max Tellving, and Markus Haraldsson. There we’ve continued our work with shorts as well as music videos, corporate films, school projects and different kinds of films on assignment from theatre-, dance- and music clients.

During 2014-2016 i lived in Denmark. Since then I work both in Copenhagen and Malmö.

Most of my films can be seen on www.feedbackfilm.se or on Feedback’s youtube channel youtube.com/filmkalas